About Us

In 1968, Cameron Barnard established BARNARD PAINT AND REFINISHING CONTRACTORS. Cameron successfully operated and ran the company for several years.  During this time Wendell Barnard became a painting apprentice and worked with his FATHER, Cameron for over twenty years.

Wendell Barnard took over the family business and continues operating BARNARD PAINT & REFINISHING CONTRACTORS with the same honesty and integrity that his father was known for throughout his career. Wendell Barnard is proud to announce that his daughter, Anna Schroeder, is now joining BARNARD PAINT AND REFINISHING CONTRACTORS to work alongside him as she learns to operate the business as her father and grandfather have all these years.

Wendell and Anna currently operates with two crews made up of professional tradesmen that have been in the painting business for several years. They are HONEST, DEPENDABLE, GOOD, HARD WORKING people from SOUTH GEORGIA


                                    FOR A FREE ESTIMATE ANYWHERE IN SOUTHEAST GEORGIA CALL; 
                                                        GLYNN, MCINTOSH, AND CAMDEN CO AREAS  -        912-264-6804

                                                        WARE, PIERCE, AND BRANTLEY CO AREAS      -        912-284-9626

                                                        BRYAN, CHATHAM, AND LIBERTY CO AREAS    -         912-727-3384                                                      
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